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  • Demetria T Cox-Moss

    This is the video that led me to your site! this was circulating through my circle on facebook, and when i actually watched it, i was so overwhelmed and inspired that it has me thinking of my own destiny and coming out of the mundane day to day working/living and pursuing something that i love. Still in the process of figuring that out completely but im so happy to be thinking about it. I wish you all the best on this journey and I’m excited to follow it.

    • TravelTall

      Thanks Demetria!

  • Rebecca Salmon Vitale

    Okay… Now I am drinking my tears with my coffee. Thanks for that… Hahaha. I don’t even know you, but I find myself so proud of you and your decision. Your life is now yours 100%, most people only dream of finding their dream and having the nads to do it. You rock! I am loving your adventure. Hey, if you go to Gansbaii stop by the Saxon Lodge. Caron and Dave are the owners and some of the best people I have ever met. May the force be with you. – your Instagram friend, Becky

    • TravelTall

      Thanks for this awesome message Becky!!!!!

  • Marcos M Fernandez

    My friend my friend…how the burn is so sweet! I’ll catch up with you out it big!

  • abhimanyu katyayan

    Following you on insta , I just liked your shots and stories that your shots tell. Never came to your site, so was ignorant about the entire backdrop of those shots. I’m really moved by your courage and passion. Things need to change when mundane becomes equivalent to daily life. Needed an anchor to hold on to my dreams. You’ve got it right. Thanks a ton. Really inspiring.

  • Mark Campbell

    Hi Eric! Someone on Facebook linked the Morning Call article on you yesterday, which led me here. If you remember I used to babysit you when I was a teenager. Not so much babysit since you weren’t a baby but just make sure you didn’t burn the place down….Well I just watched your first episode and I’m interested to see where your life is leading! I’ve always wanted to travel but have yet to do much myself, so maybe I’ll get some ideas. Best of luck on your journey!
    – Mark

  • Natosha Safo