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  • Shealyn Emery

    You have such a poetic way of story telling. I love your honesty and, as odd as it may sound, your struggles are very encouraging. As you told the part about accidentally deleting your first video, I nodded my head. I have been in that same exact position before and, after pouring so much of yourself into hours upon hours of video editing, it really is enough to just want to give up.

    I have a feeling you will eventually find a niche, but that’s so far down the road you don’t even need to bother worrying about it yet. Right now you’re in a position that reminds me of how I was when I first started MatadorU two years ago. It’s overwhelming to the point of taking your breath away to stand at the threshold of the world and know, in your heart, you want that lifestyle. You don’t want to narrow anything down, though you will with time and experience. I, myself, have only ruled out a few things. But don’t put the pressure of finding a niche on yourself. You have found your passion and you’re feeling out your style, and that’s all you can ask for right now.

    As always, good luck.

    • Eric Giuliani

      I don’t know what to say Shealyn, thank you!! You nailed it, I appreciate the feedback!

  • Maryam Syed

    Powerful and profound. I am becoming a fan. You are doing what I have wanted to do for so long but it never chose me. Not feeling sorry for myself but feeling happy it chose you! Inspired 🙂

    • Eric Giuliani

      Wow thanks Maryam!!! Love to hear this!

  • Guest

    Thanks Maryam! What a statement, thanks for saying that it chose me, that’s amazing!

  • victoria

    Awesome. You already have a niche of sorts – your heart. Not everyone has the courage or ability to be so transparent. Fan no. 2!

  • malanya monette

    Thank you for sharing your story! This brought me to tears and I hope will inspire others, including myself, to pursue your dreams!