This episode was shot entirely in one hotel room and covers just how dangerous my road out of Africa could be. I didn’t make this episode with the intention of getting nice comments about staying safe or being careful, but instead I wanted to shed some light onto some of the real and maybe not so real dangers I could be up against as I continue to move north. I guess I won’t really know until I get to some of these places. All travel videos are available in HD by clicking on the settings cog in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

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  • Alice Engelvin

    Woaw !! Love it ! this episode is so cool and very original ! your blog deserves to be known because you do a such great job !

  • nicksugai

    damn man, stay safe

  • gabby_glebe

    Such a creative idea for this film, it’s great but I’m worried already to read about your journey through these countries in particular. The benefit of reading this 2 years late, I know you’re alive and well and trekking in the U.S. right now!