I’m 6’9 and I think I get my height from my Grandmother.

I was waking up to a job that paid well and had great benefits, but I hated it.  Every inch of it.

All day everyday was filled with setbacks and frustrations.  I was only happy when I got the job, but not to actually do it. Once I admitted that to myself I realized I was living exactly the kind of life that author Richard Paul Evans wrote about in his book, The Four Doors:

“People live far below their own potential for joy, accomplishment, and power, caged in the prisons of their own unknowing.”

It took me 33 years to realize that the ladder I was climbing was against the wrong wall and that the things I had conditioned myself to believe were important were exactly the opposite.  So after I received an awful performance review in the Spring of 2012, I asked myself the simplest of questions: If there was no limit to what I could do, what would my life look like?  As I focused my attention squarely on the moment, all the things that had ever filled my Being with a sense of timelessness rushed over me.

Traveling, writing, filmmaking, and photography all filled me with an unexplainable joy.  Even though I had no experience in any of those areas I knew I had to pursue not just one, but all of them.  So I gave myself one year to learn as much as I could about cameras, tripods, backpacks, nouns, verbs, narration, social media, and all the things required to make travel blogging my life.

Throughout that year I saved as much money as I could, and then before my job became my career and my career became my life, I quit.  This website is the manifestation of what my idea of a self-actualized life looks like.  There is no end product, nothing that says I made it.  It’s not about having a photo published in National Geographic or an article in next month’s Travel and Leisure, or even about getting a show on the Travel Chanel.  It’s just about the here and now, and finding a way to do the things that I truly enjoy all of the time.

Day 766: Gibsonville, North Carolina

Day 766: Gibsonville, North Carolina

What does it mean to TravelTall?

Even though I’m 6 feet 9 inches tall, TravelTall has very little to do with my actual height.  It’s really about standing up to the monotony of life and leaving behind the routine that the jobs we settle for feed off of.  It’s about turning excuses into affirmations, about letting go of the old concepts that we use to define ourselves, and realizing that what we need we already have. It’s about trusting your intuition so much so that you are propelled to do things you had no idea you could even do. It’s about having the courage to confront your own dream, and it’s what Paulo Coelho wrote about so beautifully in The Alchemist. To TravelTall means to take whatever risks necessary in order to pursue all you have ever wanted to accomplish because realizing your destiny is one’s only true obligation.

How to Help

My dream is so big it scares me.  There is no way I can do this by myself, so any and all help would be appreciated.  Since I’m traveling on a tight budget and lodging can be expensive, if you or someone you know would be willing to host me or show me around, that would be of incredible help.  I’m always looking to meet as many interesting people as possible so please reach out if you or someone you think I should meet is in my vicinity.  From my experience it’s the people, not the places, that make the journey worthwhile.

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