About Me - Travel Tall makeup for beginners

I’m 6’10 and I think I get my height from my Grandmother.

I was waking up to a job that paid well and had great benefits, but I hated it.  Every inch of it.

All day everyday was filled with setbacks and frustrations.  I was only happy when I got the job, but not to actually do it. Once I admitted that to myself I realized I was living exactly the kind of life that author Richard Paul Evans wrote about in his book, The Four Doors:

“People live far below their own potential for joy, accomplishment, and power, caged in the prisons of their own unknowing.”

It took me 33 years to realize that the ladder I was climbing was against the wrong wall and that the things I had conditioned myself to believe were important were exactly the opposite.  So after I received an awful performance review in the Spring of 2012, I asked myself the simplest of questions: If there was no limit to what I could do, what would my life look like?  As I focused my attention squarely on the moment, all the things that had ever filled my Being with a sense of timelessness rushed over me.

Traveling, writing, filmmaking, and photography all filled me with an unexplainable joy.  Even though I had no experience in any of those areas I knew I had to pursue not just one, but all of them.  So I gave myself one year to learn as much as I could about cameras, tripods, backpacks, nouns, verbs, narration, social media, and all the things required to make travel blogging my life.

Throughout that year I saved as much money as I could, and then before my job became my career and my career became my life, I quit.  What followed was a 3 year overland around-the-world journey chronicled in my first book, Sky’s the Limit.

My idea of a good time is catching a ball game with my buddies and swapping stories from the road with fellow travelers. I now spend my days photographing South Florida’s coastline and thinking about how I wants to throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands. At six feet ten inches tall, I am an expert at ducking through doorways.


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