Traveling the world can be expensive.  Thankfully, I have a great sponsor which helps me circumnavigate the globe.

WeatherScope – The First Live Streaming Weather App

Flooding in California.  A blizzard in Colorado.  A typhoon in Asia.  A desert festival in Coachella to listen to your favorite music.  A week long adventure to Burning Man.  A nor’easter storm in New York.  People are always talking about the weather.  Changing weather conditions has affected each and every one of us, from deciding what route to take or how to pack for a trip, surfers who check the waves to climate change in the maritime industry.  We are always conscious about the environment and how weather affects climate change.

What better way to experience the world than to watch it around the world right from the comfort of your own home on your mobile device! WeatherScope is the first weather app that let’s you broadcast your live stream in 4K!  You can experience weather LIVE, as if you were right there!  Document your adventures and share the weather immediately as it unfolds.

Live Streaming Weather App:

Welcome to WeatherScope, the first all-in-one free weather app, where you can stream your weather live and receive hourly forecasts for your specific location.  Using WeatherScope is like turning your smartphone or tablet into a window to the world.  WeatherScope wants you to be part of the experience and offers a new way of doing things, blending between technology and the real world.

Become a weather broadcaster and broadcast from your own city!  We want people to be able to experience far away places even if they can’t be there.  Not to travel along the same path, every experience you have on weatherscope is unique and different.  WeatherScope is perfect for anybody!  People who travel, people looking at weather conditions to prepare for the day or people who want to know about the outside world right from the comfort of their homes.

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Created by Lawrence Karnow, local San Francisco meteorologist from KRON4 TV.  Lawrence always loved the weather growing up and would get excited by the gigantic thunderstorms in Salinas, California.  Lawrence has been a meteorologist and forecasting weather on live tv for over 20 years.  He created the WeatherScope at a turning point in his life when a mass was found in his pancreas.  He had a epiphany and thought of what he wanted to leave behind for his daughter.  Come join our WeatherScope family and download our app on the app store!  iTunes or Google Play

For more information check out our website and watch our “How to Use” videos to take advantage of the amazing features that WeatherScope has for your everyday life.