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The Awesome Filming Sites in Game of Thrones

You might think that it sounds a little farfetched that a TV show could help boost a region’s tourism but in some cases this has been proven. Although very few people flocked to Atlanta when The Walking Dead became a huge hit, the Game of Thrones has ventured to some of the most wonderful destinations across the globe. And in turn, its fans have followed.

Since its inception the Game of Thrones has helped highlight some of the world’s hidden gems. In fact, The Guardian says that GoT has been an important factor behind the impressive growth of annual visitors in areas such as Iceland. This year, the country expects to welcome 1.6 million visitors, which is a 29% increase from last year’s figures.

Almost as appealing as the awe-inspiring locations of GoT is the fact that they aren’t too far away from the UK, so travel time is relatively short.


Croatia has been used by GoT multiple times. It is where the King’s Landing scenes are filmed which is the capital of Westeros stands, so viewers can expect to see a lot more of Croatia in the upcoming Season 7. There are several recognisable locations here even if they’ve been overhauled by the TV show to make them look dated, particularly Dominika Street in Old City, which is being used for filming the market scenes in the show. One of the other famous sites is Dubrovnik where Cersei Lannister took her walk of shame, in Season 5.

Dominika Street image credit: wikimedia

Dominika Street
image credit: wikimedia


Stradun image credit: wikimedia

image credit: wikimedia


Spain featured heavily in Season 6 using regions such as Castell de Santa Florentina in the town of Canet de Mar, Bardenas Reales in Navarre, and the 12th century Castle of Zafra. Other Spanish locations include the legendary Osuna bullring used for Mereen’s fighting pits and the Alcazar of Seville, which featured all of the Dorne scenes.

Castell de Santa image credit: wikimedia

Castell de Santa
image credit: wikimedia


Osuna's bullring image credit: wikimedia

Osuna’s bullring
image credit: wikimedia



Cave of Grjotagja image credit: wikimedia

Cave of Grjotagja
image credit: wikimedia

The White Walkers have been featured sparingly in GoT so far. The North which the men of the Night’s Watch inhabit is filmed in Iceland. Filming locations include The Cave of Grjotagja and Lake Myvatn, which is near the town of Akureyri, which was used as the camping site for Mance Rayder’s Wildling army.

In Season 1, the crew relied on artificial snow for filming scenes in the fictional Winterfell. However, after shifting filming to Iceland, GoT has transitioned to the ideal icy location perfect for the North and the White Walkers.

Lake Myvatn

Lake Myvatn

Six years after Season 1 aired, Game of Thrones now enjoys popularity that other TV shows on HBO can only dream of. Aside from its TV shows’ massive cult following, gamers from all over the world now enjoy the franchise – reveling in the many destinations the games, TV episodes and books cover. These spin offs act as educational tools, as fans get to learn about far away lands that, although in the show seem mythical, they do have real life sites. Learning the backstories to these locations has proven incredibly interesting for many of the GoT hardcore fan base.

One of the most popular GoT games to date is the self-titled RPG version on Steam, which is an episodic, fantasy drama developed by Telltale. A web-based title was also released for fans of casual gaming in the form of Game of Thrones 15 lines, which is being hosted on the slots site Slingo. With the upcoming season, fans can expect more GoT-related products to be released soon, as well as special sightseeing packages offered by some tour sites.

A popular travel company that offers on-site tours of all Game of Thrones’ filming locations is travel firm Game of Thrones Tours. The feedback from people who have been on these tours seems pretty positive despite it not being affiliated with HBO or anyone else associated in the filming of the TV series.

Game of Thrones is expected to make a comeback in June 2017.